PUREVET PRP In-Clinic 30 Day Trial

See First-Hand How PRP Can Benefit Both Your Veterinary Practice & Your Patients


In July, Ardent is offering veterinary practices an exciting opportunity to begin offering PRP Therapy. PRP Therapy is a versatile, cutting-edge, and affordable treatment option that can provide your practice with a new revenue-producing tool that improves patient outcomes. Click below to learn more and to sign up your practice for this limited-time offer!


  • 30-Day Centrifuge Risk-Free Trial
  • Technical service veterinarian access
  • Includes 2-free PRP treatment kits
  • Online live training for your staff
  • Marketing materials


Ardent’s PureVet PRP treatment kit is a versatile surgical biologic. The kit is user-friendly, affordable, and can provide multiple treatments for a single patient. Ardent’t PRP kit also provides Veterinarians 3 different treatment options in 1 kit: Platelet-Rich Plasma, PUREVET Gel, and PUREVET PRGF.

Innovate Your Patient Treatment Plans Using PUREVET PRP

Check out some real-life patient case studies with PUREVET PRP Therapy below!

Sasha received PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections into both of her stifles (knees) a couple weeks ago. She had cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) surgery on one of her knees and started to develop some disease of the ligament in the other. This 10-year-old girl is recovering SO WELL! One week post injections and she is weight-bearing so much more!!! We are so thrilled with the outcome of her procedure. We have been performing a lot more PRP injections at our hospital because of how much success we are having! Courtesy of Nickel City Animal Hospital

PUREVET PRP Therapy is being utilized to help dogs and cats suffering from corneal ulcers. Following Ardent’s developed protocol on the administration and frequency, our partner clinics are seeing great results! 

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