Terms & Conditions

Limited Use Label License

Ardent Animal Health Product(s) and uses thereof may be covered by one or more intellectual property rights, including patent, trademark, trade secret, and/or copyrights owned by Ardent or licensed to Ardent by third parties.  Certain uses of Product(s) may require additional licenses.  By purchasing the Product(s), including Instruments and Consumables, User agrees to comply with the terms of this Limited Use Label License.

The purchase of Product(s) conveys to the User a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license or sublicense (as applicable) to use the Product(s) sold and/or licensed to User by Ardent or its authorized distributor only in accordance with the applicable Documentation (e.g., user manual, protocols, package insert instructions, etc.), and no other use is authorized hereunder. No other license or authorization is granted, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise.  Consumable Product(s) (e.g., kits, reagents, labware, or any individual components of the foregoing) are intended by Ardent for use with Ardent Instruments and are licensed for single use only.  User hereby agrees: (a) Product(s) have been purchased by User in good faith for its own internal research and development and/or provision of services to others, as applicable; (b) Product(s) will only be used in accordance with the applicable Documentation; (c) Ardent Documentation is proprietary to Ardent and will only be used in connection with the associated Product(s), and will be not be reproduced, revised, or copied; and (d) User is not licensed or authorized to, and agrees not to (i) repackage, relabel, rebrand, refurbish and/or remanufacture any Product(s); (ii) transfer (including but not limited to resell or loan) any Product(s) to any third party; or (iii) adapt, modify or reverse engineer any Product(s); or (iv) use any Ardent names or Trademarks without prior written authorization.  User agrees to provide Ardent with 30 days written notice for any publication in which User wishes to make reference Ardent Product(s), Documentation, or otherwise use any Ardent Trademarks. Any applicable warranties shall not apply to, and shall be void for, any Product(s) that has been used improperly, such as by deviating from the Ardent Documentation, or that has been repaired, altered, disassembled, or reassembled by User without Ardent’s prior written authorization.

If these terms and conditions are unsatisfactory, and the Product(s) is unused, Ardent will accept return of the unused Product(s) and provide a refund of the purchase price.