In-Clinic Stem Cell & PRP Therapy

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About Us

Same Day Regenerative Medicine Treatments

Since 2016, our core belief that all animals should have access to advanced care has allowed us to develop affordable, innovative treatments for canine cancer and joint disease. Our certified clinics offer these innovative treatments: Actistem Therapy, PUREVET PRP Therapy, and K9-ACV.

What we do

Actistem Therapy

Actistem allows you to isolate a patient’s own stem cells in your practice, activate, and then administered back in a same day setting to canine, feline or equine patients.


Ardent Animal Health offers PureVet PRP. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a convenient same day treatment that harnesses the healing abilities of the patient’s blood platelets.


K9-ACV is a Canine Autologous Cancer Vaccine. Cancer cells can be recognized as foreign by the immune system if those cancer cells are presented to the immune system in a manner that “breaks immune tolerance.”

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What our customers are saying

Shanti Jha

Shanti Jha


We added Ardent Animal Health’s in-clinic Stem Cell & PRP system to our practice.  The medical outcomes for many orthopedic cases, such as chronically affected dogs with moderate to severe osteoarthritis, have been great.

The system has made a difference in our patient’s and owner’s lives. From a practice builder, the system has allowed our practice to add an exciting technology with good

in-house profit. 
Carla Smith

Carla Smith


Having Stem Cell, PRP and a new option for canine cancer has added to our practice even more than we anticipated.  It’s exciting for us to be able to offer these treatments and see how much it helps our patients.  It’s also been great to see that same excitement in our clients.  In fact, many of them have already experienced the benefits of stem cell and PRP treatments for themselves and are so comforted to know we can now offer the same to their pets.
Mona Rosenburg

Mona Rosenburg

DVM, Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)

The oncology team at Veterinary Cancer Group is excited about K9-ACV and the continued progress of using the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.  We are currently testing the vaccine with our current methods of care including in tandem with surgery and chemotherapy.

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