Internship Program

3 Internship Positions Available

Ardent Animal Health is excited to announce our new collaborative internship program for college students. This program is designed to expose our interns to a different facets of our business and gain well-rounded experience.

Our internship program will allow students to benefit from practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Students are given the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in the emerging field of veterinary biologics. This will also give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent for possible future careers within the company. Students can choose their internship focus area based on their interested specialization.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Self-Motivated Team Players. Individuals who thrive working within a fast pace environment.
  • Innovators. Candidates seeking experience on the forefront of veterinary and human medical technology.
  • Pet Lovers. Candidates who want to further the human-animal bond through cutting edge treatments and service.

“It is exciting, it’s exciting for my staff, the client, and the patient when we do Regenerative Medicine. There’s just something in the air in the hospital and it's a different kind of feeling because it’s cutting edge and it’s awesome to be a part of that.”

 Michelle Jude, DVM Sheabel Veterinary Hospital

"We're so glad we did the stem cell therapy, giving her comfort and helping her pain through her senior years! Thank you for helping her!"

Seija’s Family

"I can't believe how well Dennis is doing! The kids love that he has so much more energy to play now. He also has more energy to do his service dog duties for Elijah."

Dennis’s Family

“As a veterinarian and a pet parent, I want to do everything I can for my own fur kids and help other pet parents explore options for theirs. Ardent has been an amazing partner in o ering higher level care to my patients. Ardent Animal Health has been wonderful in providing education for myself and my team on the banking of stem cells and the PRP injections we do here in the clinic. Fast response anytime I need them and I value them as a medical partner.”

Andrea Johnson, DVM, CEO PetVet365


  • Develop skills in laboratory setting aseptic technique and sterility QC testing in a GLP certified laboratory
  • Hands on tissue processing and learning of cell culture technique
  • Assist in developing an equine umbilical cord collection and storage program with local breeding farms
  • Work together with management to continue to develop innovative solution for pets in need


  • Data analytics – statistical modeling
  • Intellectual property – experience in learning about IP and legal process.
  • Contracts + negotiations
  • Medical device sales
  • Pharmaceutical sales


  • Content marketing via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik tok
  • Social responsibility – leading initiatives with Zoos local and national charitable organizations.
  • Competitive market analysis
Actistem Therapy

Due to injury and/or age sometimes our own repair abilities can use a jump-start. By using the pet’s own repair cells isolated from storage areas in the body, this repair ability can be applied to areas of need.


Ardent Animal Health offers PureVet PRP. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a convenient same day treatment that harnesses the healing abilities of the patient’s blood platelets.


K9-ACV is a Canine Autologous Cancer Vaccine. Cancer cells can be recognized as foreign by the immune system if those cancer cells are presented to the immune system in a manner that “breaks immune tolerance.”

News & Stories

Celebrating Vet Tech Week: A Stem Cell Success Story

Celebrating Vet Tech Week: A Stem Cell Success Story

Macy’s story is a heartwarming testament to the power of veterinary medicine and the unwavering dedication of pet owners. During Vet Tech Week, we celebrate the veterinary technicians who play a vital role in making these remarkable success stories possible. Their compassion, expertise, and commitment to the well-being of our furry friends are truly awe-inspiring. Macy’s journey serves as a reminder that, with the right care and treatment, our pets can overcome challenges and enjoy a higher quality of life. Here’s to all the veterinary technicians who work tirelessly to make stories like Macy’s possible, and to the countless pets they help every day. Happy Vet Tech Week!

Why I Choose to Bank My Pet’s Stem Cells

Why I Choose to Bank My Pet’s Stem Cells

As pet owners, we constantly seek ways to enhance their health and well-being. One innovative approach gaining popularity is proactive banking of pet's stem cells. Stem cell banking offers a remarkable opportunity to be prepared for your pets' future health needs....