Maggie is our rescue boxer mix who was diagnosed with patellar luxation in both back legs and hip dysplasia in both hips.   She’s had several knee surgeries (including a torn ACL).  Despite her pain and the trauma of surgery – she continued to be a bundle of joy – giving us love and laughs.  This April, she could no longer stand up from a sitting position or walk.  Dr. Bird (and his awesome staff) wanted Maggie to be their first stem cell patient.   We carried her in to their office and began praying.  At 5pm, I went to pick her up after her surgery — and she walked to me…..yes, you read that right…. she walked to me (I am actually crying as I type this)…..through the miracle of stem cells………Maggie walks to her Momma…   It’s now 7 months later – and she’s running around the yard, chasing leaves, squirrels, rabbits and the imaginary “monster”.   She continues to bring us love and laughs.  We are currently living in our camper (due to house damage from Hurricane Florence) but Maggie is as happy as a clam because we are “camping”.  We are forever grateful for Ardent Animal Health and the staff at Morehead Animal Hospital.