Ardent is a company focused on improving the lives of pets and people through innovative treatments. In addition to traditional “pets,” Ardent is driven to help all animals in need including zoo patients. In the winter of 2020 according to the Kansas City Zoo Skokie, the 12-year-old America River Otter arrived at the Zoo with significant arthritis in his spine, ankles, and knees. The caring staff at the KC Zoo including Dr. Kirk Suedmeyer utilized all the traditional methods including medications. Skokie began dragging his rear limbs due to the arthritic issues.

Dr. Suedmeyer and the staff turned to Ardent to provide an adipose (fat) derived stem cell treatment for Skokie to attempt to improve his level of movement and make Skokie more comfortable in his environment.

Stem Cells are repair cells that can perform healing when administered to damaged areas. Mammals have a large reserve of stem cells unused stored in their fat and connective tissues. These cells can be easily obtained through surgery and/or liposuction, concentrated, activated and re-administered to problem areas. To date, ActiStem Therapy has helped over 20,000veterinary patients throughout the world.

Ardent technical services Veterinarian Dr. Larry Snyder traveled to the KC Zoo to assist Dr. Suedmeyer and his staff with the procedure and in late 2020 Skokie was treated with his own fat-derived stem cells in the affected areas. According to Dr. Suedmeyer, almost immediately Skokie showed benefits from the treatment becoming more mobile and active. Nearly two years later in 2022, Skokie continued to thrive and the medication could continue to be dramatically reduced.


As of 2023, we are happy to report that Skokie is now a father and according to Dr. Suedmeyer, the treatments played a key role in Skokie’s journey to parenthood. Ardent is committed to continuing to give back to the animals of the world that provide us joy, education, sustainability, and companionship. Through stories like Skokie’s and his new family, we can collectively impact the world in a positive manner. Please consider sharing this story with your colleagues and contact Ardent if you have a patient in need!

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Ardent is works with Veterinarians across the United States and abroad on Stem Cell & PRP Therapy for dogs, cats, and horses. Ardent also provides tumor pathology and a customized cancer vaccine for dogs. Together, we strive to advance the field of veterinary medicine, pushing the boundaries of innovation and translating breakthrough discoveries into tangible solutions for our customers and beloved animal companions.

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