Repair cells are found circulating through the body and stored in tissues awaiting to be mobilized by result of injury or disease. Once called upon and trained by the body these cells are responsible for healing. These repair cells, we already have in our bodies, are being utilized and studied across the world in human and animal medicine offering a new cutting-edge treatment for disease. Now veterinarians have access to utilize this cutting-edge treatment strategy in their practice. As we age our stem cells response to injury and ability to repair can decrease or be overwhelmed due to disease.  Degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis can overwhelm your pet’s own natural repair process leading to pain, inflammation and limited mobility.  Osteoarthritis has a long-term impact on the patient by causing loss of cartilage and accelerated lameness. ActiStem Therapy provides an all-natural solution to rebuild and regenerate cartilage as well as repair tissues and processes the way the body intended.  This provides a solution to the underlying cause of the disease as opposed to just suppressing the symptoms. A large concentration of these repair cells are stored in adipose or fat tissue. Unlike painful bone marrow procedures fat offers a safe and easy harvest of adult regenerative cells. ActiStem Therapy is a same day procedure that allows isolation, concentration and activation of your pet’s own repair cells. To date over 20,000 pets have been treated with ActiStem across the world. About the procedure The animal is prepped for surgery where the certified veterinarian removes 2-4 table spoons of the patient’s fat.  This fat is processed utilizing a university validated method and equipment designed specifically for the Ardent Animal Health ActiStem process. Once the cells are processed and concentrated they are activated with components from the patient’s blood and light then ready to be given into areas of need.  The patented activation of the cells allows for rejuvenation of the repair abilities no matter the age of the patient. The procedure is all-natural with the cells being derived from the patient and given back to patient. Once reintroduced, the cells can then focus in on damaged areas.  The cells then start to rebuild, repair and alleviate pain. Why choose Actistem Therapy? The ActiStem Therapy treatment is the only regenerative cell treatment evaluated and tested in a randomized, double-blind placebo controlled conducted university trial to demonstrate safety and effectiveness of ActiStem therapy for companion animal patients. Success is measured by the overall well-being and quality of life for the patient after treatment.  In many cases pain decreases and mobility increases. In one recent trial 90% of the patients improved after ActiStem treatment as quickly as thirty days after receiving the therapy. The ability to prepare for the future If a retreatment is necessary in the future cells can be cryostored for future use.  The cells can be delivered by mail for re-application at your convenience. (PAUSE) ActiStem Therapy is covered by most major pet insurers.  When compared to long-term medications ActiStem can provide an affordable and alternative solution to your pet’s condition. Ask your veterinarian today if ActiStem Therapy is right for your pet. Or to find a veterinarian offering this therapy, fill out the form below.