PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma a popular treatment among celebrities & sports athletes.  Platelets are found circulating in the blood, these platelets contain important healing properties called growth factors. Growth factors are proteins that act as signaling molecules in the body.  They can signal repair cells to heal damaged areas and alleviate inflammation in painful joints.

Now, this cutting-edge treatment is available and affordable for your pet.

The process is simple, your veterinarian will take a small blood sample from your pet.  The blood is centrifuged using the validated Ardent Animal Health PureVet PRP process.  This step concentrates the platelets and provides a purified serum of the body’s healing growth factors. When administered to your pet growth factors can assist in alleviating the symptoms your pet may be experiencing.  The patient receives the treatment all in one visit and due to harnessing the body’s own healing process, there are no side effects to treatment.

This treatment can be offered as an alternative to your pet’s current medications and even combined with most common surgeries to speed healing.

Ask your veterinarian about PureVet Platelet Rich Plasma today!

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