Many veterinary clinics are adopting a new approach to treatment strategies by offering same-day Regenerative Medicine in their practice. Regenerative Medicine is rapidly growing in popularity in veterinary medicine and with changing pet owner demographics and changes in the veterinary industry as a whole, it is important for Veterinary practices to be innovative in their approach to patient care. But why are Veterinarians choosing to offer Regenerative Medicine? What is their experience with it? Read below to learn more! 

“Since introducing regenerative therapy into the practice we have seen some amazing results. These potent but natural treatments have allowed us to go beyond merely using medications or surgery for chronic pain. We are able to address the problem at its source by using the body’s own healing mechanism to rebuild damaged or missing tissue.”
David Sewell

DVM, Crestview Animal Hospital

“It is exciting, it’s exciting for my staff, the client, and the patient when we do Regenerative Medicine. There’s just something in the air in the hospital and it’s a different kind of feeling because it’s cutting edge and it’s awesome to be a part of that.
Michelle Jude

DVM, Sheabel Veterinary Hospital

“We are having great success with the stem cell and prp treatments. We literally stand with mouths open watching the videos the owners send us daily. I am just so excited about this treatment modality. This was worth going to vet school and worth 30 years of career to be here today!”
Janice Coffey

DVM, Coffey's Veterinary Center

“The biggest thing I have learned in many years of practice is to be willing to try new ideas and techniques to allow me to be a better practitioner. Ardent has been a LIFE-CHANGING experience for me personally as well as our practice!”

David Bird

DVM, Morehead Animal Hospital

“Ardent has been an amazing partner in offering HIGHER-LEVEL care to my patients. On a personal level, I just banked my own dog’s stem cells. Ardent has been wonderful on education for myself and my team. Fast response anytime I need them and I value them as a medical partner.”

DR. Andrea Johnson

CEO, PetVet365

Are you a veterinarian looking at adding Regenerative medicine to your practice?