Its that time of year again, people celebrating the 4th of July with fun gatherings and fireworks.

But this can be a very tough time for pets as fireworks can be heard late at night for a couple of weeks before the holiday and even after the holiday.

Loud noises such as fireworks and thunder can really impact your dog’s state of mind.  The following quick tips may help with your dog’s anxiety during this period:

  • Comfort Your Dog: A dog’s reactions to fireworks are based on a legitimate fear. Providing comfort during this time is appropriate and often helpful. Sitting close to your dog, petting him gently and offering quiet words of reassurance during scary events like fireworks can help to center your dog and might even reduce his fearfulness.
  • Keep Your Dog Occupied During Fireworks: Provide distraction by giving your dog something delicious to focus on during fireworks, like a dog toy so that he has something else to focus on during the noise.
  • Tire Your Dog Out: Going for a long hike or spending time playing with pals during the day will help wear out your dog before the fireworks begin. A dog that’s mentally and physically exhausted might be less likely to react to fireworks, so plan a day of fun activities that will leave your dog ready for a snooze.

Hopefully, these quick steps can help 🙂