We know that your clinic is busier than ever. The good news is that there is more demand than ever for veterinary services. Now, the challenge is making that increase in demand work for your practice. The purpose of this article is to provide your veterinary practice with tips and best practices to effectively and efficiently promote your practice and the services you provide.

The purpose of this article is to share tips on how your practice can connect effectively with pet owners and effectively promote the products. While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do business, it has created new and unique opportunities to connect with our customers. Below are 5 marketing tips for your practice that we will explore more in this article.

5 Marketing tips for your Veterinary Practice:

  1. Focus on Communication with Current Customers
  2. Measure and Analyze 
  3. Take advantage of digital tools
  4. Introduce new products and services
  5. Differentiate your practice with Regenerative Medicine

Focus on Communication with Current Customers

Make sure you are focusing on your current customers just as much if not more than attracting new clients. In some cases it can cost up to 5 times more to acquire new customers than retaining current customers. It is more important than ever to grow the relationships with your current customers. This can be as simple as sending them a message wishing them health and safety and to let them know you are there for any health need for their pet. Another way to maintain and grow relationships is to keep them up to date on the operating conditions at your clinic. If you are doing curbside service, or have special rules in place for in-clinic visits, be sure that you are communicating those often to your customers so that they know what to expect when bringing their pet in. Social Media is an easy method to accomplish this. It is an effective tool in keeping your clients up to date. 

Helpful Tip💡 : The AVMA has a great resource available on tips and strategies for using social media. Click Here to view Social Media 101. 

By focusing on communication with current customers, your clinic can:

  • Be prepared for a changing client base
  • Increase engagement and client compliance
  • Identify and address areas of improvement

Measure and Analyze 

In order to have a successful marketing strategy you need to measure and analyze your efforts. Create goals for your practice and continuously review them to see if what you are doing is working or if adjustments need to be made. You should also review any existing campaigns to make sure your messaging aligns with current operating conditions for your clinic. Be sure to do an audit of your current messaging on social media, website, on-hold message, emails, etc.

Helpful Tip💡: SMART Goals

Goal setting can help your team be efficient, productive in providing the best care for your patients. At Ardent Animal Health, we utilize SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based) goals. Read more about setting SMART goals for your practice here.

Take advantage of digital tools

There are more tools than ever to connect with your current and prospective clients. By taking advantage of free or low cost digital tools you can save time and money on creating marketing assets for your practice. From design tools to social networking platforms, you have access to the tools to help promote your practice to current and prospective clients. Below is a list of just some of the digital tools your practice should look at utilizing.

  • Social Media networks like Facebook, Instagram, an Tik Tok
  • Canva – free graphic design tool
  • Free Client Education Tools and Templates
  • Ask us about templates and resources our company has put together for our partner clinics!

Introduce new products/services

The needs of your customers are changing every day. By introducing new services, products, or resources to your clients you can grow your relationships with current clients while also attracting new clients to your practice. With Millennials now the largest group of pet owners in the U.S. it is important for clinics to understand their behaviors, thought processes, and preferences. These younger generation pet owners are willing to spend more on high-quality food, toys, and personalized, holistic treatment options for their pets. In a 2018 survey done by TD Ameritrade, millennials reported that they are willing to spend up to $2,000 on average if their pet becomes sick or injured. And 68% said that they would take time off work to help care for their pet if possible. Pets are a clear priority for millennial pet owners, making them lucrative clients for veterinary practices. 

Differentiate your practice with Regenerative Medicine 

Veterinary Regenerative medicine is gaining favor across the United States and abroad as a valuable tool in a Veterinary Clinic’s tool box. Shifting treatment paradigms offer a number of advantages for frustrated pet owners and Veterinarians alike. Regenerative Medicine can be a way to differentiate your practice by offering innovative solutions for arthritis and other degenerative diseases. This can also be an opportunity to make them aware of changes in your procedures, including your efforts to ensure the health and safety of pet owners, patients and staff.

At Ardent Animal Health, our goal is to offer constant support to our veterinarian partners. We take the approach of being a partner seriously and are driven to help practices be successful. Here are just a few of the tools and resources now available to our partner clinics: 

  • Technical Services Veterinarian
  • Virtual training and Certifications 
  • Curbside and remote consult tools
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Click below to request more information on offering Regenerative Medicine in your practice!